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Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt

cobb_hillCobb Hill is a co-housing community comprised of people learning to live lightly on the earth while forming a connection to a community, the land, and a working farm. They strive to live joyously while remaining conscious of their impact on the health of the planet and their responsibilities to those who share life upon it. Twenty-three households are clustered on a hillside in rural Vermont.

Cobb Hill’s farmstead frozen yogurt is made in our creamery at Cobb Hill Cohousing, an intentional community dedicated to the practice of sustainable living, on 270 acres of conserved land in Hartland, Vermont. The creamy, non-homogenized whole milk used in our frozen yogurt is produced by a small herd of pastured, Jersey cows at Cedar Mountain Farm, our dairy partner within the community. Cobb Hill also uses the milk to produce our award-winning Ascutney Mountain and Four Corners Caerphilly artisan cheeses.

Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt is produced in small batches at the farm. The milk is first pasteurized and then turned into yogurt, or into one of the four flavor bases we use. The yogurt, base, and natural or organic flavorings are then processed in a batch freezer to make our frozen yogurt, which is available in vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and maple—with more flavors to come! This frozen yogurt also contains organic evaporated cane juice, organic non-fat powdered milk, natural stabilizers, and probiotic yogurt cultures.