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Angry Goat Pepper Company

Before starting Angry Goat Pepper Company,
Jason Parker had a diverse angry goat
professional background. His experiences ranged from the transportation industry, to food manufacturing, and the print industry. Finally he became fed up of corporate politics and decided he wanted to work for himself. Jason and his wife Roberta already had a small hobby farm that they thoroughly enjoyed working on. Jason decided to turn that passion into a profit.

In the beginning, Jason and Roberta had the stereotypical farm one would imagine, raising chickens, eggs and a small garden. Eventually they decided to raise goat meat to give them an edge over the competition. The goat meat aided them in becoming known locally, and soon people came looking for this specialty more and more. Being the business man that Jason is, he quickly realized his new business was missing value added products, and noticed that no one at the local markets were selling anything spicy. Seeing this need in the market, a new product was born!

Roberta and Jason honeymooned in Bermuda and met some street vendors that were selling pepper jellies.  Neither of them had ever heard of such a thing, but it was love at fist bite! Jason instantly became hooked. As a long time spicy food lover, Jason has always had a taste for the extreme flavors peppers could add to foods. In college Jason and is friends would consistently challenge each other with the hottest wings at the local wing joint.

One summer Jason had extra peppers from their garden, and decided to make some pepper jam.  It was a hit with his friends, but it never went further than that, until they went to farmers markets. Originally Roberta and Jason started making pepper jams as a value added product to compliment their meats and other farm fare.  They started with three flavors, and soon expanded into six.  Jason and Roberta soon realized that the spicy industry is where we needed to be!