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Covered Bridge Cookies

covered_bridge_cookiesIt all began in the summer of 1992 when Carl Goulet began making cookies to sell at a local farmer’s market in Windsor, Vermont. Carl had worked as a pastry chef and baker most of his working life and was employed as Executive Chef at a local hospital. Christopher’s Cakes & Pastries, named after his oldest son, was a part-time venture that produced cakes, pastries and wedding cakes on the side. Carl’s cookies had always enjoyed popularity throughout his career so it was a logical choice of product to produce in larger quantities.

Carl’s employer allowed him to rent time in the kitchen after hours and along with selling on a table at the farmer’s market, he began getting them into local stores and soon developed a rabid and loyal following. Chocolate Chip, Gingersnap and Shortbread cookies constituted the starting product line. In five years sales had grown and he had outgrown the time and space available and it was time to plunge in full time. With an investment in production equipment and a separate production space, the company incorporated and included Maple Shortbread and Hermits to the Covered Bridge Cookies product line.

These delicious cookies have no trans fats and are made with the best ingredients from Vermont based companies. Butter from Cabot Creamery, Chocolate from Barre Callebaut of St Albans, and unbleached and un-bromated flour from King Arthur Flour are used along with natural flavorings. Covered Bridge Cookies uses small batch production techniques that produce an unmistakable homemade taste unlike mass-produced cookies. Unpretentious, old fashioned goodness is what defines Covered Bridge Cookies.

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