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Green Mountain Gringo

Green_Mtn_GringoBack in 1989, the first jar of Green Mountain Gringo Salsa was produced in the kitchen of Christine and Dave Hume at their Chester, Vermont farm. It was created using fresh ingredients, chopped by hand, cooked with care and ladled into jars. “The farm kitchen was always steamy – and busy!” say the Humes.

Today, Green Mountain Gringo is part of the TW Garner Food Company, a family-owned business in Winston-Salem, North Carolina which has been dedicated to the commitment of producing quality products since 1929.

Green Mountain Gringo has been recognized by several independent organizations for its fresh flavor and steady sales. SPINS, a national company that ranks sales of grocery items in the natural food industry, rated Green Mountain Gringo Salsa number two in the country and their tortilla strips number six. Health Magazine named Green Mountain Gringo Salsa “best brand in its class” and described the product “as close to homemade as store bought salsa gets.”