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Vermont Small Batch

Vermont Small Batch Pizza is one of the best well kept secrets around. It is a family owned business in the State of Vermont which makes their signature flatbread pizzas. Creed Albrecht is a full time chef and is the mastermind behind each and everyone one of the Small Back Pizzas. When Creed was creating […]

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Andy’s Dandys

Andy’s Dandys Doggie Delights was born in a home kitchen in Richmond, Vermont in 2008. Andy’s Dandys evolved from Andrew’s passion for exploring creative, healthy recipes and from his devotion to his dog, Rosie. His family’s original goal was to create a business for him to ensure he would have meaningful employment upon his completion […]

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Richards of Vermont

In the early 1990s, inventor and self-made chef Richard Jr. set about making a thicker and zestier sauce than already existed on the market. Using a converted maple sugar pan – an inheritance from his father – he came up with a recipe for a truly satisfying Hot and Mild Barbecue Sauce, unique in flavor […]

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Vermont Smoke & Cure

Roland LeFebvre, a French-Canadian from South Barre, Vermont, started the smokehouse as “Roland’s” in 1962, just a mile from its current location. Roland based his now-famous recipes on traditional Vermont methods and ingredients. He brined his bacon and ham with Vermont maple syrup, then smoked them using natural and local smoke fuels, corncobs and maple […]

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Northeast Maple

The history of Vermont Maple Syrup is steeped in legend. The legend behind the World Famous Product is almost as great as the product itself. As legend has it, a Native American Chief returning to his village after a hunting trip threw his tomahawk into a sugar maple tree trunk. The spring sun warmed the […]

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Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Cold Hollow Cider Mill is a long-established Vermont family business that is the largest maker of fresh cider in the Northeast, producing more than a million gallons a year. Its cider, pressed mostly from locally grown McIntosh apples, is also considered to be amongst the best in the nation for its sweet and tart taste. […]

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Westminster Baking Company

Not so many years after the American Revolution, at the hearth of a colonial house in Westminster, Massachusetts, their first Master Baker pulled a batch of warm crackers from the oven, and a New England tradition was born. Back then, the bakery’s power came from a horse and treadmill; dough was mixed and rolled by […]

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Vermont Village Cannery

At Vermont Village, they live and work near the little town of South Barre, where they buy as much of their food as they can from local farmers. They prefer food that’s grown for taste, not for travel, from farmers who respect the land. So Vermont Village buys apples from local farmers whenever possible and […]

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Vermont Farmstead Cheese

The Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company began as a community effort to save a local farm and its surrounding rural landscape in South Woodstock, Vermont. In very short order, the dairy farm has been transformed into an award-winning cheese company that is creating an entirely new generation of unique farmstead and artisanal cheeses. Vermont Farmstead’s multi-breed […]

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Vermont Harvest

It was a warm summer evening in 1982 when Patty Girouard’s then-husband brought home a couple bushels of ripe peaches, exclaiming what a “good deal” he got on them. “That’s great, honey,” she replied, discretely biting her tongue, having visions of how two people were going to use this enormous quantity of fruit within its […]

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