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Richards of Vermont

richards_vermont_madeIn the early 1990s, inventor and self-made chef Richard Jr. set about making a thicker and zestier sauce than already existed on the market. Using a converted maple sugar pan – an inheritance from his father – he came up with a recipe for a truly satisfying Hot and Mild Barbecue Sauce, unique in flavor and rich in texture. A family affair since its inception, today the sauces are still made in the family’s ancestral homestead. Steve and Martha purchased recipes and equipment from Brother Richard in 2002. They developed the products you see today and have grown the customer base extensively in New England.

The award winning labels and sauce, now on the market for 24 years are easily recognized. The zany, whimsical, colorful design of the product label depicts a cow, a pig, and a chicken with that “ugh, oh” look of anticipating a certain destiny; on the back of the label, the farm animals display their twitching behinds.

More importantly with a few changes in key ingredients Steve and Martha have made, Richard’s Sauces a product of quality and good health, low sodium, sugar, and carbohydrates is key along with no Gluten, Wheat, MSG, or other preservatives. Their tomato base products also contain no High Fructose, and they are fat, cholesterol, and GMO free.

Richard’s BBQ Sauce is a Vermont Made Barbecue Sauce, crafted in Vermont from all natural, fresh ingredients, and their family’s favorite barbecue sauce recipe.