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Vermont Gluten Free

Jean Mudgett created Vermont Gluten Free out of a
personal necessity. After she was logodiagnosed with Celiac disease, Jean was having trouble finding her favorite foods in gluten free options. After searching high and low for what she was looking for, Jean soon realized she could not be the only one with this issue. When her diagnosis required that she eliminate gluten from her diet, she was determined to not lose her favorite foods. Since she loved baking and eating delicious baked goods, Vermont Gluten Free was born.

Jean started to develop recipes based on old family favorites. Before long, she was sharing what she made with other people who had Celiac Disease. Since Jean had an overwhelming great response to her newly created baked goods, she started selling them! She started selling her baked goods to a growing number of people who were also living gluten-free. Like jean, these individuals still wanted to enjoy a cookie, a sandwich, or a piece of cake, but did not have the option to do so.

What makes Vermont Gluten Free products unique is how they are made. Everything they bake is prepared in small, handmade batches at their personal dedicated gluten-free bakery. Jean and her team use the finest ingredients, including a proprietary rice blend that Jean herself created herself. They mill their rice in-house to guarantee quality and freshness, and then incorporate it into a custom flour mix.

Jean and her team’s commitment to careful recipe development and product testing helps ensure that every Vermont Gluten Free product that is sold, is of the highest quality. Try some of these delicious gluten free baked good today and experience the difference.