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Vermont Maple Sriracha

Vermont Maple Sriracha is a collaboration between Big Lenny and Jackson. Big Lenny is a local legend in the greater Rutland, Vermont Area. After serving up hotdogs in the local area for more than 25 years, Lenny Montouri has been a staple for many locals and travelers alike. With his signature red hotdog wagon, Big Lenny can be found on Route 7 in Rutland, Vermont for the better part of the year. Jackson Whelan is a passionate website designer who also happens to be a passionate foodie. As a web-developer by trade, he gets to utilize not only his technical and analytical side, but also harness his creative side into a high-quality user experience.

A long time fan of sriracha sauce, Jackson was bummed when the sulfite preservatives in his favorite sauce started making him sick. Realizing that most of the ingredients could be sourced locally, and that Vermont maple syrup could be added he asked expert sauce chef Big Lenny to make him some. After months of collaboration, the brain child of Jackson and Lenny was born and the results were outrageous. Behold Vermont Maple Sriracha!

Over eight batches in and they are closing in on the perfect recipe. Currently they are working with a contract grower here in Vermont to provide them with a large harvest of locally grown peppers and garlic at the end of the growing season. In the meantime they will continue making small batches with the freshest US grown peppers they can source.

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