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Healthy Paws Barkery

healthypawslogoHealthy Paws Barkery was started in loving memory of Sue Weinstein’s dog Maggie. During Sue’s time of need, Maggie was Sue’s rock, strength, and support system. Maggie and Sue both had their own battles and were always there for each other. Maggie was always by Sue’s side through whatever was thrown her way. It was through that battle together, that Sue learned the importance of nutrition in a dog’s life.

Nutrition is something that many dog owners take for granted and something that many people over look. Sue set out and determined to change that. She studied, took classes, and read voraciously as much as she could. Soon Sue became certified in animal nutrition so that she could help change this issue.

Healthy Paws Barkery only uses top quality ingredients that are human grade. All their treats are handmade with love. Each treat is formulated to not only taste great for the four legged members of your family, but they are also healthy for them and help maintain a balanced diet. Try some of these all natural delicious treats today!