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Casually Gourmet

CasualGourmet_LogoWebCasually Gourmet brings three great specialty food brands together under one roof. From their own farm and country kitchen in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, Brad and Angela Bull have always had a passion for growing fresh produce. They started out selling tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, honey, and other homemade products from their roadside farm stand. Before too long, they began travelling around the State talking to small farmers and looking for complimentary specialty food. This led them to Gormly’s, Vermont Epicurean, and Vermont Farmgirl, three great brands featuring products made from local ingredients, and a taste unique to the area.

Today Casually Gourmet offers a diverse line of gourmet food, from mustard, grilling sauces, cocoa and jelly, to pancake and scone mixes. Brad says, “We grew, but we’re still very much a family-run business and small farm. We don’t grow quite enough anymore ourselves to be a primary ingredient supplier, but we know fresh food and we set the ingredient quality standards for all our recipes.” Casually Gourmet is committed to those highest quality standards, and to producing food with a special Vermont character and taste.