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Grandpa’s Stuff

Grandpas_Stuff“One of my fondest childhood memories is of watching my Grandpa Hawkins magically transform liquid sap from a maple tree into a sweet, creamy, delicious spread we affectionately called Grandpa’s Stuff” says Rod Hawking, Owner of Grandpas Stuff. His grandfather made this magical treat using a simple bowl, a handmade wooden ladle, and Pure Vermont maple syrup which he boiled himself not too far from here, in East Wallingford, Vermont. Through a careful process of boiling, cooling and patiently stirring, Rods grandfather transformed the maple syrup into a smooth, creamy maple spread.

Today, Rod and his wife continue the family tradition of making this magical maple cream. They still simply call it, “Grandpa’s Stuff”. They are proud to represent their family with such a delightful, all natural product. The ONLY ingredient Grandpa’s Stuff uses is 100% Pure Fancy Vermont Maple Syrup, freshly tapped and boiled locally in Vermont.