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VermintsWhat do Ben & Jerry’s, Burton Snowboards, the Jog-bra and VerMints have in common? They were all born in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. Continuing a proud Vermont tradition of innovation and excellence, VerMints was born, an absolutely all natural line of mints and pastilles, for people who want to refresh their breath with true flavor rather than chemicals and preservatives.

Like most good things, VerMints started in their kitchen. They tested scads of recipes using all-natural and organic ingredients – some local, like organic maple syrup instead of corn syrup – to replace the chemicals and meat byproducts that were in all those other mints. A winning formula was found and their first flavor – PepperMint – was produced for market.

At first, PepperMint was the only flavor but that did not last for long. VerMints popularity was growing and so was the company. Within a couple of years, they introduced five additional flavors: Cinnamon, Wintergreen, GingerMint, Chai and Café Express,all boasting pure taste and natural and organic ingredients. At the same time in early 2004 VerMints expanded their product line. They extended their reach into the Natural Food market. Working with like-minded people, they set a course for national distribution. VerMints redesigned their packaging, increased production capacity, and launched a broad sales initiative to get VerMints onto shelves in most major markets. They are currently in stores on both coasts, in many major cities across the nation, and continually add new markets all the time.

As their business grows, their dedication to an all-natural philosophy is stronger than ever. VerMints choose to work with partners who share their concern for healthful living and the environment. They are committed to using all natural or organic ingredients, like organic Vermont maple syrup, pure Vermont spring water, natural ground ginger root, organic mint leaves and fair trade coffee. Sensitive to their customer’s diverse needs, they manufacture VerMints to exacting specs, preventing cross contamination with particular allergens. VerMints are gluten free and nut free, conform to kosher standards, and contain no animal products, so they’re vegan friendly.

When they started out in that kitchen in Vermont, VerMints was on a mission to create the highest quality, best tasting all natural mints and pastilles on the market. That kitchen may be gone, but their mission carries on.

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